About Us

About us

    With the development of economy and society, the rapid increase of world’s population and the growth of industry, agriculture and city, causing environment degradation, pollution and serious waste of water resources forces the increasing shortage of world’s water resources. The water resources occupied per capita in China only 1/4 of the world average level. If the way of people use of water resources doesn’t change significantly, within the following 10 years, millions of Chinese will become environment refugees and China will face a severe challenge in water resources field.


Facing the water shortage,  and in line with idea of “meet the demand of people’s life quality to provide more healthy and environmental safe water.” Xinquan. Yuxin got the idea from nature and has been trying to change the wold with technology and taking the safe drinking water and healthy drinking water as the goal to benefit the society.


Fujian Yuxin Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. is an industry leader with Atmospheric water generator, at the same time, it is the first integrated development-oriented company specializing in the R&D, production and sales of atmospheric water generator with technology strength. It is located in Rongqiao Economic development zone of Fuqing-- the famous overseas Chinese hometown, covers the area of more than 30 acres ,and the floorage occupies over 20000 square meters. It has 230 well-trained staff, the senior management personnel and technical staff accounted for 25%.


In order to occupy the international market further and accelerate to develop the domestic market, in July,2016, the board of ”Fujian Yuxin Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.” deciding to do win-win co-operation by resources integration and introduction of strategic investment, established “Fujian Xinquan Air Drinking Technology Co., Ltd.”. The company grasps the enterprise spirit of “Hard work, innovation” and the core value of “responsibility, integrity, brainstorming and excellence” to create a modern enterprise of atmospheric water generator business with the most growth and to realize great-leap forward development with diversification strategy. 

The leading product-”Atmospheric Water Generator” awards for more than 20 patents intellectual property certificates in succession since 2000. Being popular among the markets of Europe, the United States, South Africa and Southeast Asia with its merits of advanced technology, novel design, tight structure, reliable operation and low consumption etc. Under the vast market demands, it owns the monthly capacity of producing 10 thousand units.

Insist Excellence, Create Glory

Over years, the company adheres to scientific and technological innovation road, and constantly strengthens the independent brand of product development and technological innovation. In line with the production concept of excellence, pays attention to cultivate a team with high-quality talents, forms a scientific and efficient management mode, and strictly implements ISO quality control system and obtains certificates of CQC, 3C, CE, TUC, UL, PSE etc to open world market. Since 2001, the company has established a good long term partnership with his multinational distributors and agents. Meanwhile, its products raised concern of military purchasers at home and abroad. Parts of products have recognized by world’s military, and gained the military related certificate and production.


Sincerity cooperation, profit future


In the opportunities and challenges of the environment, in line with the spirit of “inherit excellence, inspire innovation”, Xinquan. Yuxin company keeps enterprising with its leading technology. At the same time, it adheres to the enterprise development objective of “to take safe drinking water as a mission, to take health drinking water as a responsibility, to subvert tradition, to create a water legend”, and determines to be the benchmarking enterprise of atmospheric water generator industry.


Xinquan. Yuxin will take “to lead the 5th revolution in the human safety and health of drinking water, and prompt the development of technology” as its own duty, and continues to play leading role in the “water revolution”.