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Why to make air water machine

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1, the global water crisis, 70% of the world's regional water scarcity, un-even distribution of water resources.
China is a water-scarce country, per capita freshwater resources is only one-fourth of the world's per capita, China has been included in the world's 13 per capita water-scarce countries.
2, everyone needs to drink water, everyone needs to drink clean water.
Poor water quality can lead to more than 50 kinds of diseases, including gastrointestinal diseases, infectious diseases, skin diseases, cardiovascular disease, stone disease, diabetes and so on. According to the World Health Organization study, 50 million children die every year, 35 million suffer from cardiovascular disease, 70 million suffer from stone disease, 90 million suffer from hepatitis and 30 million die from liver cancer and stomach cancer.
It is not difficult to see that the seriousness of water pollution and people's physical and mental health is proportional to the degree of threat, the more serious water pollution, the higher the incidence of people.
3, solve the boil water, tap water, packaging water can not solve the problem.
A, boil water is not clean enough
B, bottled water too much false water
C, water purification is very convenient

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