What are Atmospheric Water Generators?

Atmospheric water generators (AWG) employs cutting-edge technology to condense water from thin air, and to purify into pure drinking water. AWGs sustainably deliver a continuous supply of delicious, pure water energy efficiently.

How does Hendrx Air Water machine work?

Hendrx Air Water machines extract moisture/water from the atmosphere through a condensation process. The water then passes through a filtration process and UV sterilization process that produces ultra pure, healthy, drinking water.

What temperature and humidity do I need for the machine to work?

The Hendrx Air Water machines will work with humidity as low as 30%. Optimal water generation depends on average temperature and relative humidity.  Higher humidity and temperature conditions improve the cost effectiveness of producing clean water.

How much water can be produced with HENDRX Water products?

Water production can range from up to five gallons/30 liters per day for the household and office models, to more than 400 gallons/1,500 liters per day for the community or commercial models, and even more through modular aggregation of these units. With the introduction of the HENDRX Water 20K, more than 20,000 gallons/75,000 liters of water per day can be produced with just a single unit.  Water generation efficiency depends on average temperature and relative humidity. When humidity is high, water can be generated and stored for use when humidity is significantly lower. Tables indicating the water production rate at various temperature and humidity conditions are provided in the data sheets for each unit.

Is the water produced from the Hendrx air water machine safe?

The water is absolutely pure, safe and clean, as well as great tasting. The water produced by HENDRX Water products is 99.9% free of impurities, which means it is free from bacteria, known viruses, air pollution and metal oxide contamination. The advanced filtering process works all day and night, non-stop, maintaining an optimal level of purification. Water is processed by up to 12 stages of filtration and sterilization system, including premium-class activated carbon filters as well as the innovative PHILIPS UV and world-renowned FILMTEC precise membrane. Please refer to our sales representative for recent report.

What are the advantages of HENDRX Water products?

There are several notable aspects that define HENDRX Water as a leader in the Atmospheric Water Generation industry. These are:

    Products can run on 100% outside air, which is essential for high condensate production.

    Advanced filtering technology to ensure a reliable supply of fresh, pure, clean drinking water.

    Easy to use, just turn it on and open the tap to get water.

    Easy to maintain, just replace water and air filters periodically per manufacturer’s guidelines and do some occasional cleaning.

    Employs a high standard of 99.9% purification of water from bacteria, known viruses, air pollution and metal oxides.

What kind of warranties and servicing will be available for HENDRX Water products?

HENDRX Water has warranties that provide replacement of defective parts for up to one year (excludes regular maintenance items such as filters).

HENDRX Water anticipates very few problems with their units as production models have passed robust testing standards. There can be issues that are related directly to the lack of maintenance, such as dirty intake air filters and water filters that need to be replaced. The units have safety features that will prevent damage to the units from operating in temperatures above 44 C (111 F) or in freezing temperatures.

Is it expensive to produce water with our machines?

Our machines are incredibly efficient. All HENDRX Water models use electricity with one special model using waste oil as the primary source of energy. HENDRX Water provides alternative solutions connecting with wind and solar energy for custom order.

The residential Models, for use in the home and office, uses 300-500 watts of electricity.

The power source for the HENDRX Water BIGBLUE is three-phase electrical power. The unit can be easily integrated into the existing electrical utility system, using 1.6kw up to 25kW of energy subject to production capacity demands.

Is it difficult to install the Hendrx Air Water machine?

Our products require no plumbing, water lines or pipes. The Hendrx machines are essentially a plug-and-go installation.

How Cold or Hot is the water produced?

Our machine produces cold water of 4° C- 10°C, and hot water of 75°C - 95°C.

Are there any safety features built into the machine?

Hendrx Air Water Coolers are mounted with locking casters as well as child protection lock and leakage detector.

How much purified water can the machine store?

There is storage for minimum 12.5 Litres of purified drinking water in the hot and cold water tanks.